Call for Papers

Call for Papers


Western Galilee College will hold an international research workshop and conference, on the subject of Home Education – Current Trends and Future Directions, on June 19-21 2017.
Over the past few decades, the practice of home education as an alternative type of education has been increasing in several countries. This can been seen both in numbers – a growing number of children are being homeschooled – and in terms of legal status, with home education now considered a legal educational practice in many countries.
In parallel to the growth of home education, public interest in the subject has also increased, and with it the number of academic studies on this type of education. Research articles on home education are being published every year; they address various aspects, such as the practical dimensions, the outcomes, attitudes towards home education, legal perspectives and supervision, the interface between home education and public education systems, and more.
However, despite the growth in research on this subject, there is still a significant gap in the scientific knowledge about this relatively new practice. In light of the growth in home education and the differences between this and other types of education, it is important to promote the scientific research on this practice. A thorough understanding of various issues related to home education is essential to the design of education in the forthcoming decades. Such understanding must evolve from an international academic effort and well-founded research. Therefore, the home education conference announced here is intended to bring researchers together and generate dialogue thereby stimulating such scholarly efforts.
The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for academic researchers who are interested in understanding the different aspects of home education. This event will provide an opportunity to exchange firm academic knowledge regarding all aspects of home education, as well as different opinions and thoughts on the subject.
The research workshop and conference will serve as a stage for discussion of different perspectives in the research on home education around the world.

Proposed topics:

  • Trends and approaches in home education
  • The impact of home education on the child and the family in different spheres of life
  • Factors that promote growth in the scope of home education
  • Legal aspects of home education
  • The relationships between home education and broader social and educational developments
  • Challenges that home education families face
  • Types of home education and differences among families that educate at home
  • Reasons for choosing home education
  • Potential dangers regarding home education
  • The future of home education
We would be pleased to receive proposals for presentations on these and other related subjects.

Final date for submission of proposals: 15 February 2017.

Notification of acceptance: 28 February 2017.

Please send an abstract of 250 words and a brief biography to:
Registration fee: $100
For further information, please contact Dr. Ari Neuman:

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For participants still in need of hotel arrangments, please note that Hotel Rimon in Acre is offering discounted rates to the Home Education Conference participants.  You can find information on the hotel, reservations, and rates at Acre

Arrival to Western Galilee College


From the East or South:

  • Enter Acre through the Central Acre Intersection (by either turning left if heading north on Road 4; or continuing straight if heading west on Road 85).
  • Continue on Ben Ami Street.
  • Turn right at the second roundabout onto David Remez St/ Route 8510
  • Turn right at the 3rd roundabout; passing under the bridge (train tracks).
  • At the second roundabout take a right (you will see a gas station on your left)
  • You have arrived; the college entrance will be on your left.


From the North:

  • Travel south on Road 4.
  • Turn right on Route 8510 (there will be a traffic light)
  • Continue straight.
  • At the second round about turn left (you will see  a gas station on your right)
  • You have arrived; the college entrance will be on your left.



From the center of the country, including from Ben Gurion International Airport, the easiest way to arrive in Acre is by train. The train departs from Ben Gurion Airport as well as numerous other stops in various cities such as Tel Aviv, Herzliya, etc. regularly. Please take the train heading north and get off at the Acre Central Station. From here, the college (and the hotel) is a 3 minute taxi ride away. For scheduling information please refer to the Israel Rail website:



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